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arvores de macadamia

Our story

We are established in Amparo, at countryside of São Paulo, one of the biggest macadamia nut producer state in Brasil. Our orchard began to be implanted in the beginning of the 90's to replace the coffee culture. Since then, we have increased the quantity and efficiency of our feet annually.

At the beginning we only sold NIS (nut in shell), mainly due to the little or almost nonexistent Brazilian domestic market at the time.

For over 15 years, we set up a factory on the farm where we benefit both our nuts and those from third parties, complementing our production in a way that we are able to supply the whole year, regardless of the harvest.

With an annual production in 2019 of almost 70 tonnes, we anticipate an increase of about 20% from over 80 tonnes.

Our goal is to spread Macadamia more and more in Brazil, presenting everyone with a product that is not only healthy, but also delicious and of premium quality!

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