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Our products

Macadamia oil

In addition to the many options of macadamia, we also offer our cold pressed macadamia oil. In this way, it maintains all the benefits of the nut. It is considered ideal for cooking at high temperatures, as it has a high smoke point.

oleo de macadamia 500ml.png

Macadamia flour

A flour with a mild flavor, it is versatile and healthy. Great option for the preparation of breads, cakes and pies. Have you tried?

farinha de macadamia.png

Macadamia nut shell

We even use the shell! Did you know that macadamia shell is a great substrate for orchids, and is widely used in gardening? In addition, in Australia it is used as a raw material in the manufacture of activated carbon, used in hospitals against overdoses or even in cosmetics!

casca de macadamia

Bulk Macadamia

Our main and most traditional product, we have several types of macadamia, from style 0 (97% whole and larger than 22mm) to macadamia flour. Pay a visit to try these and other of our products. We are sure you will love it.

macadamia tipo 0

Macadamia Stand Up

The same macadamias as in bulk, only in smaller packages. They are perfect to put in your bag and take wherever you go! Oh, and don't worry, the packages are zipped, so you can eat a little at a time :)

trio macadamia com chocolate.png
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